Treasury Management System

MORS Solution – Treasury Management System

MORS Treasury Management System (TMS) offers comprehensive front-to-back office treasury management, integrating position keeping, analysis, risk management and trade processing.

Our treasury management system provides real-time risk and profit & loss visibility across the entire bank. This enables banks to make optimal funding, hedging and risk management decisions inline with limits and continuously changing market conditions.


  • Deal capture directly in MORS or interfaced with deal execution platforms
  • Position keeping for all types of Financial Assets and Liabilities
  • Calculating, managing, monitoring and reporting in one system both for daily operations and regulatory reporting
  • Profit and Loss decomposition by Curve, Spread, Basis, Currency, Price, Cash carry, Discount carry
  • Risk analysis:

    Interest Rate-. Liquidity, Currency and Counterparty Risk, i.e. both market and credit risk

  • Payment cash flows for deal settlement reconciliation
  • Deal workflow from front office to accounting


  • Robust and highly automated deal workflow management
  • Efficient and transparent position keeping and reporting
  • Achieve compliance by full segregation of duties and audit trail
  • Avoid risk silos
  • Seamless and cost-efficient integration with MORS Asset Liability Manager and MORS Liquidity Risk Manager

Treasury Management System

MORS Treasury Management System is a complete real-time, front- to back-office solution, covering an extensive set of instruments and products. Offering efficiency and control, MORS treasury management system is perfect for a bank to improve both its treasury workflow and its risk management.

Underpinning MORS treasury management system is a deal workflow protocol that is configurable to fit any trade processing policies and routines. Segregation of duties and a complete audit trail ensure full control. Market data imports both for rates and prices as well as for instrument setup ensures that position revaluations are up to date. Numerous off the shelf reports as well as a report generator provides excellent reports for all different reporting requirements and needs.

Front Office

For front office users, MORS offers deal capture for an extensive set of instruments and products. Deals can also be imported from other systems either in real-time or in batches.

Pre-trade, MORS provides analytics and counterparty limit checks to ensure the deal to be done is in-line with limits and other constraints. Once the deal has been captured the positions and reports are updated in real-time. Deal confirmations are available and can be configured, both to match content and formatting requirements of the bank.

Deal Blotters makes it easy to keep track of the trades and deals inflight. A wide range of off the shelf position, P/L and risk reports ensures the treasury team has a complete picture of positions.

Middle Office

For the middle office and risk control, comprehensive and sophisticated counterparty and market risk reporting is available. The counterparty risk features allow setting up and monitoring any type of counterparty risk limit matrix, ranging from single counterparty and product limits, to sector, industry and country limits. For market risks any exposure can be setup and monitored with automatic breach alerting.

The middle-office has complete control of instrument and product definitions. A workflow board details in real-time, each deal as it flows through the workflow protocol that has been configured to match the banks polices, approval paths and routines.

Sophisticated, yet easy to use yield curve and other market rate setup is provided, to be used of revaluation of positions. MORS supports setting up any number of curves and mapping the different products and instruments to their appropriate curves.

Back Office

Back-office features include bookkeeping and accounting features that allow the bank to integrate MORS treasury management system efficiently and transparently with the General Ledger. MORS offers full sub-ledger functionality for the treasury deals. The accounting entries for the deals are generated both for settlement and running entries as well as for periodical valuation entries (e.g. end of month valuation entries).

For tasks such as keeping track and actioning deals settling, fixing or maturing today, MORS offers transparent and easy to use real-time deal lists that can be sorted and configured to match the exact content requirements.

The back office also benefits from features supporting the payments and settlement processes. The generation of payment cashflows can be automated and reconciled with the data from payment systems or payment messages.


MORS is based on an atomic architecture centred around a common core of contract level data and common services. All functionality in this atomic structure is interconnected, providing a holistic system for optimising the performance and profitability of the bank at group and at entity level.

MORS supports complex group structures and the establishment and management of organisational models and respective Balance Sheet structures, creating a centralised and unified view of Asset Liability Management and Risk management as well at individual entity level.

At a high level, MORS is made up of 3 distinct functional domains based on a common core, as depicted in the picture.

Depending on your priorities, MORS solution and its modules are packaged to meet the following needs

MORSCOREALMTMSLimitsC of ASettle-mentsP/LMiddleOfficeFrontOfficeBackOfficeALCOExecutiveReportingToolkitFinancialRiskProfitabilityandPerformanceCreditRiskLiquidityRiskBalanceSheetMgmtCapitalPlanningFinancialPlanningReporting&VisualisationCCRIRRBBEVEVaRICAAPIntradayNSFRNIILCRILAAPDepositAnalyticsNIMMarketRiskRegulatoryReporting

MORS Core is the central hub of MORS. It’s home to the data management layer, where contract level data is stored and managed for all products and instruments. It is also the home of Market Data which can be interfaced directly and automatically for all the market leading provider’s data subscriptions or internally from the bank.

MORS Core is also the place from which all central services and functionality is managed and then used by all modules of MORS. It takes care of many general administrative services such as user roles and permissions, audit trail, interfacing rules in and out of MORS. It also takes care of all scheduling matters for running processes, calculations, and reports either in real-time or on a periodic basis.

MORS Core provides configurable and flexible functionality for Stress Testing and Scenario Analysis applicable across all risk surfaces, Funds Transfer Pricing, and Limit Management. Virtual Modelling is provided for Deposit and Loan analytics, is highly configurable and can easily incorporate external models via a programmatic interface.

MORS Core also provides a powerful built-in Cash Flow Engine for generating contracted and forecasted cash-flows. MORS Core is also where MORS manages Covered Bond Pools.

As an integral part of all aspects of MORS, both from a data perspective and functionally, MORS Core is the Engine Room of MORS. As such, MORS Core is the facilitator that ensures that MORS is truly atomic, and that all aspects of the solution work in a cohesive and holistic manner.

MORS Deployment options

Full SaaS

Private Cloud