Asset & Liability Management Association (UK ALMA)

MORS Knowledge Partner

MORS is a proud corporate member of UK Asset Liability Management Association (UK ALMA) and a strong supporter of UK ALMA’s education program. Our Team includes successful CertBALM students and contributors to the curriculum.

UK ALMA provides and promotes the highest standard of education and professional excellence, shares best practice and is a leading advocate within asset and liability management. UK ALMA provides content for various ALM related topics, such as Liquidity, Funding, IRRBB and Climate Change.

ALMA was formed in 1992 as a trade association of asset & liability risk management practitioners in leading banks, building societies and other related companies.

UK ALMA has more than 100 Member Banks, Building Societies and Regulatory Authorities in  the UK and throughout the whole world. MORS is the first UK ALMA vendor partner and is committed to share the knowledge of UK ALMA

Mission of ALMA:

To provide and promote the highest standard of education and professional excellence, share best practice and be a leading advocate within asset and liability management.

ALMA Education

CertBALM® - Certificate of Banking Asset and Liability Management

The Certificate of Banking Asset and Liability Management (CertBALM®) has been developed by ALMA and is accredited by the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT).

The CertBALM® has been designed to:
a) provide a benchmark Level 6 qualification in bank and building society asset and liability management (equivalent to final year honours degree – and equating to 200 hours of learning over a period of nine to ten months) and
b) be a standalone qualification which is recognised by the banking industry.

MORS is a first CertBALM®  certificated vendor partner.

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ALMA Short Courses

  • Foundations of Bank ALM
    • This course will introduce the key concepts of capital, liquidity and interest-rate risk
      management, and their link to financial performance. An additional module is now
      focussed on climate-related challenges and opportunities for ALM; this is also open to
      other students as a stand-alone half-day course.
    • The course is ideally suited to people from Treasury, ALM, Audit, Risk, Finance,
      Planning, Strategy, IT and other related teams, who wish to broaden their
      understanding of ALM concepts and grasp the “bigger picture”.
  • Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book
    • Introduction to IRRBB is a two day classroom-based course.
    • Day 1 covers the basics of IRRBB – what it is and how typically it is managed and
    • Day 2 then looks at some more advanced topics including behavioural risk, what constitutes best practice in respect of internal IRRBB governance and then considers the recently announced changes to the regulatory requirements and the impact these may have on banks.
  • Liquidity & Funding
    • Introduction to Liquidity and Funding is a three half-day online course including interactive discussions with industry practitioners with experience in the course topics.
    • Sessions 1 & 2 cover the basics of liquidity and funding – what is meant by both terms and how these areas are typically managed and controlled covering both internal and regulatory liquidity and funding ratios.
    • Session 3 will focus on the Internal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment Process (ILAAP). As well as providing a useful outline of the ILAAP, examples of topics covered in more detail are liquidity stress testing and how to manage the ILAAP process.
    • Current industry practitioners provide examples and lead discussions during the course to bring key topics to life and explain current areas of industry focus.
    • The course is aimed both at those new to a role in liquidity and funding management itself and those working in other functions who seek a general overview of liquidity and funding topics. It may be of interest to those working in other areas of Treasury management, Finance, Audit and IT as well as colleagues with a governance responsibility for these areas.
  • Climate Change
    • This new course explores the opportunities and financial risks of climate change,
      specifically from an ALM perspective. As a half-day course, it offers a time- and cost efficient way to keep up-to-date with this fast-evolving topic.

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ALMA Networking

UK ALMA organizes Annual Conference, Evening lectures and other networking events trough out the year covering topical subjects and presented by leading experts. Bringing together a diverse network of ALM practitioners with the aim of promoting and sharing best practice.