Climate risk is forcing banks to have a holistic approach to Treasury & ALM

Climate Change is arguably the greatest challenge facing mankind today. Every walk of life is affected and will become more so over time if serious action is not taken. Climate Change introduces great risk to every aspect of our world, and especially Financial Risk in the banking sector. On this page you will find how Climate Risk in Banks is creating a greater needs for a holistic approach in the finance industry.

MORS Software’s Treasury, ALM, and Risk Management Solution is extremely well placed to help:

  • Understand climate related Financial Risks
  • Understand the interconnected nature of Climate Risk holistically and not in siloes
  • Remodel the bank accordingly from a Balance Sheet perspective
  • Simulate and stress in real-time
  • Create iterations of the Financial Plan both for the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement
  • Provide key metrics for climate related regulatory reporting obligations
  • Communicate in a highly visual way to the internal and external stakeholders of the bank

MORS Software has the right tools for your bank. Start with a free consultation or use any of the resources on this page. We’re here to help.