MORS Software Officially Receives WWF Green Office Certification

MORS Software proudly announces its official certification under the esteemed WWF Finland Green Office program. This recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and signifies a significant step toward embedding sustainability into our organisational DNA. With the official certification now in hand, we’re proud to reinforce our dedication to a greener future. This achievement reflects our ongoing efforts to create a positive impact beyond the financial sector.

While sustainability has always been at the core of MORS Software’s values, achieving the WWF Green Office certification makes it official. Our goal is to be a pioneer in sustainable development and corporate responsibility within Fintech. Our continuous efforts towards eco-conscious practices now stand endorsed by this prestigious certification.” – Nigel Lee, CEO, MORS.

WWF Green Office Certification:

The WWF Green Office is an environmental program developed by WWF Finland specifically aimed at offices. Its mission is to aid workplaces in reducing their environmental footprint while enhancing employees’ environmental awareness. Founded in 2002, this program welcomes participants from various sectors, including specialist firms, educational institutes, the public sector, authorities, and other organisational entities.

Environmental Program: Targets, Indicators, and Actions

To actively engage in the WWF Green Office program, we’ve meticulously developed an Environmental Program encompassing Targets, Indicators, and Actions. This program serves as our roadmap, guiding our commitment to specific criteria essential for environmental well-being within our workspace. Our Environmental Program is not just a set of guidelines; it’s a dynamic framework designed to propel us toward greater sustainability. Our commitment includes:

  • Promoting Energy Efficiency: We actively enhance the energy efficiency of our business premises.
  • Reducing Electricity Consumption: Our measures extend to significant reductions in electricity consumption.
  • Eco-Friendly Procurement Practices: We consider environmental impact in procurement decisions, favoring sustainable and durable products.
  • Efficient Recycling and Sorting: We prioritise efficient waste recycling and sorting to contribute to a circular economy.
  • Plant-Based Catering Choices: Our catering preferences lean towards plant-based products, reducing our ecological footprint.
  • Sustainable Mobility Principles: Embracing the principles of sustainable mobility, we contribute to minimising our impact on the environment.

Our commitment to these criteria is a pledge to embody sustainable practices across every facet of our organisation.

What’s Next?

Receiving the WWF Green Office certification is not the end; rather, it marks the beginning of an ongoing journey. We commit to being monitored annually, ensuring we uphold and surpass the high standards set by this certification. Our Environmental Program will be continuously updated, reflecting our steadfast dedication to sustainability.

This tangible symbol will serve as a constant reminder of our commitment to sustainability and the exciting journey that lies ahead.

For more information about the WWF Green Office certification, please visit WWF Green Office Certification.