MORS Deployment options

Full SaaS

MORS is available in AppSource as a full Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Our offer is a transactable offer. A transactable offer is one in which Microsoft facilitates the exchange of money for a software license on our behalf. Get MORS SaaS

Why SaaS?

Microsoft demands that SaaS apps help end-users discover solutions without extensive IT intervention, as these apps can be managed more easily and scale as necessary. The solutions must also be easily configurable, turnkey solutions.

Transactable offers are billed against a bank’s existing Microsoft subscription or credit card, allowing Microsoft to host cloud marketplace transactions on behalf of MORS. This makes MORS a full SaaS solution and makes the purchase, deployment, and management of MORS super-efficient and cost-effective.

Private Cloud

MORS Cloud solution is based on Microsoft Azure Cloud.



Why Private Cloud?

MORS installed as a hybrid Cloud solution in Azure, customers can benefit from lower IT support requirements and from freeing up IT resources. Other benefits include elastic and faster cloud resources.


On-premises deployments are deployed locally within a customer’s data center.



Why on-premises?

Some banks prefer the system to be installed and run on their own servers to get complete control of their data, hardware, and software platforms.

On-premises solutions can also be seen as a temporary solution for banks whose migration to the cloud has not yet taken place.