What is MORS Software?

Complete Asset Liability Management (ALM), Risk Management
and Treasury Management Solutions for banks

Depending on your priorities, MORS solution and its modules are packaged to meet the following needs.

MORSCOREALMTMSLimitsC of ASettle-mentsP/LMiddleOfficeFrontOfficeBackOfficeALCOExecutiveReportingToolkitFinancialRiskProfitabilityandPerformanceCreditRiskLiquidityRiskBalanceSheetMgmtCapitalPlanningFinancialPlanningReporting&VisualisationCapital AdequacyCCRIRRBBEVEVaRICAAPIntradayNSFRNIILCRILAAPFINREPCOREPAnaCreditDepositAnalyticsNIMMarketRiskRegulatoryReporting


Improves Efficiency

MORS improves Treasury ALM processes, enabling focus on risk analysis and decision making. MORS shortens lead times for report and scenario generation, providing intuitive and configurable set-ups. MORS delivers additional efficiencies covering multiple risk surfaces, such as interest rate risk, liquidity risk and counterparty risk, in one integrated system.

Saves Costs

MORS implementation projects are standardised, decreasing overall costs of system implementation. Once implemented, MORS gathers, reconciles and updates source data automatically, lowering system operating costs. MORS annual software license costs are fixed and include new software releases twice a year. These offer predictability and cost savings in Treasury ALM.

Optimises Balance Sheet

MORS helps Treasury ALM practitioners maximise NII within regulatory and internal constraints. MORS calculates key ratios (such as LCR, NSFR, NII, EaR, EVE, IRRBB) on a continuous basis, providing excellent decision-making support. In addition, MORS is a tool for internal assessment processes and ad-hoc stress test requirements, further increasing the benefits of the system.

MORS Treasury ALM offerings serve various banking sector needs

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