MORS Celebrates Successful Implementation of Treasury Management System at Monzo Bank

MORS, a leading provider of comprehensive financial software solutions, is pleased to announce the successful implementation of its cutting-edge Treasury Management System at Monzo Bank, the largest digital bank in the UK.

Helsinki 12.09.2023

The MORS Treasury Management System is an integrated solution that covers front, middle, and back-office functionalities. This robust system includes Deal Capture, Limit Management, P&L, Risk Management, Accounting, and Settlements, offering Monzo Bank a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline their treasury operations.

Known for our commitment to excellence and on-time, budget-compliant project deliveries, MORS was chosen by Monzo Bank in early 2023 for a fixed-price implementation of both the Treasury and ALM (Asset and Liability Management) systems. True to our reputation, we successfully completed the project within the specified 4-month timeframe and adhered to the agreed-upon cost projection.

Jari Ojanen, Chief Operating Officer at MORS Software, praised the collaborative nature of the project and commended the dedication of Monzo Bank’s team. “Monzo’s steadfast commitment from the outset of the project and our joint efforts to meet timelines were pivotal to our success,” Ojanen noted.

The project has now progressed to Phase 2, which involves the implementation of MORS ALM, covering Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, and Balance Sheet Management. The project’s progress is notable and remains on track to replicate the achievements of the initial phase.

Niklas Fellman, Chief Commercial Officer for MORS Software, expressed enthusiasm for the project implementation with Monzo Bank, emphasizing the alignment in organizational culture that has driven the project’s success. “Monzo is a significant addition to our UK portfolio, and we are eager to expand our presence further in the UK market. We’ve been receiving substantial interest from UK Banks and Building Societies seeking to partner with MORS,” said Fellman. “Our product is tailored for the UK market, and our reputation for customer care and on-time delivery sets us apart.

MORS looks forward to continued collaboration with Monzo Bank and anticipates further growth in the UK financial sector.

For more information about MORS and our Treasury Management System, please visit our website at or contact our media relations team.

Media Contact: Sofia Maunula, Marketing Manager, MORS Software,, +358408204310

About Monzo

Monzo was founded in 2015 and is now the UK’s largest digital bank with over 8 million customers, adding approximately 150,000 customers every month. It is known for its leading customer service and for delivering industry-first products and was named by customers as the Best Banking App at the British Banking Awards 2023. With a mission to make money work for everyone, it has pioneered innovations like the Gambling Block and offers tools like instant notifications, Pots, Trends, Salary Sorter and Get Paid Early as well as subscription accounts Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium and business account Monzo Business.