MORS’ journey to Great Place To Work™ Certification: The Key Elements of Success

At MORS, we’re thrilled to share the journey that led us to becoming a certified Great Place To Work™. This certification isn’t just a badge – it’s a reflection of our commitment to nurturing a distinctive workplace environment. Often, company culture is presented as flashy perks: free lunches, unlimited time off, and dog-friendly offices. However, the essence of a strong culture lies not in these amenities, but rather in how employees are valued, trusted, and encouraged to develop both professionally and personally.

While perks and benefits are certainly great to have (and our office is definitely dog-friendly!), they merely scratch the surface. A great corporate culture delves much deeper: It entails open communication, mutual respect, shared goals, and a dedication to employee growth and development.

The elements of great company culture

Great Place To Work™ Certification is a two-step process that includes surveying employees and completing a questionnaire about the company’s workforce. Read this blog post to understand more about the process for MORS. Because employee feedback and independent analysis determine the scores, Certification identify which companies genuinely offer a great company culture. To start:

A striking 100% of MORS’s employees affirm that the company as a whole is an exceptional place to work. In a typical Finnish company, the equivalent figure is 38%.

The survey results are divided into different focus areas. Below, we’ve outlined four key focus areas that hold immense value for us. The insights below shed light on how we cultivate a positive work culture within our IT-driven organization.

Team Pride and Accomplishments

In the “Team” focus area, we’ve achieved an impressive 100% score. This accomplishment speaks volumes about the pride our employees take in their teams, the collective achievements they attain, and their willingness to go the extra mile for the betterment of their colleagues. Collaborative teamwork lies at the core of our success in the IT domain, enabling us to leverage diverse skill sets and innovative thinking to tackle different challenges.


With an impressive 97% score in the “Innovation” focus area, we’ve demonstrated our ability to continuously improve, adapt swiftly, and generate game-changing opportunities. This commitment to innovation ensures our agility in an ever-evolving banking landscape. Discovering improved ways to deliver value and responding adeptly to market shifts positions us for sustained success.

Effective Communication

Our excellence in communication is evident with a 98% score in the “Communication” focus area. Communication measures the extent to which communication between management and employees is effective in inviting two-way dialogue. This commitment to effective communication can be seen in our daily interactions, where open and transparent exchanges foster mutual understanding, trust, and collaboration among all members of our team.”

Leadership Behaviour

In the “Leadership Behavior” focus area, we’ve also secured an exceptional 100% score. Leadership behavior gauges employees’ experience with leaders’ conduct and how it aligns with the company’s strategy and values. A positive experience of these behaviors for employees across all levels of the organization is a key differentiator among the best workplaces. An exemplary instance of excellent leadership behavior is the management’s trust in people to excel without constant oversight.

Continuing the Journey

While our Great Place To Work™ certification marks a significant milestone, it also serves as a reminder of our ongoing commitment to excellence. As we celebrate our achievements, we remain devoted to enhancing our workplace culture, empowering our team members, and maintaining the high standards that define a truly outstanding workplace.

To our exceptional MORS Team, we extend heartfelt gratitude for your contributions to this remarkable accomplishment. Your dedication and enthusiasm continue to drive us forward as we shape a future brimming with innovation, collaboration, and positive impact.

“The employees can be themselves and are trusted with their work. There is a good balance between work life and personal life, and the company encourages employees to maintain a healthy equilibrium.”

Comment from a MORS employee.

MORS, a company built on the Finnish culture of Sisu. Persistence and determination to succeed, even in the face of adversity. We get the job done with minimal fuss and the lowest profile of project risk. Stamina, perseverance, and courage combined with a direct, open, and honest character and a habit of objective and efficient communication.

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