ESG – Climate Risk management in banks

Climate Risk management in banks is a formidable challenge, supervisory timelines and expectations are stringent. Some industry experts even believe this is the single biggest challenge since Basel III was introduced. This webinar will cover how Climate Risk can drive credit, liquidity, and market risk – and how these multi-dimensional effects can be managed in MORS.

Webinar Hosts

Ville Holma

Senior Product Manager, MORS

Peter Serlachius

Partner, MORS


Gain insights into the significant challenge that Climate Risk poses for banks.

Discover how Climate Risk can impact various risk dimensions within banks, including credit risk, liquidity risk, and market risk.

Learn how MORS, the featured solution in this webinar, can effectively manage and address the challenges posed by Climate Risk in banks.

Gain insights into the stringent timelines and expectations set by supervisory authorities in relation to Climate Risk management.