Our Journey Toward Sustainability: Reflecting on Our Recycling Progress at MORS

We’re thrilled to share our latest strides in sustainability, guided by our commitment to the WWF Green Office Certification—a program designed to help offices worldwide reduce their environmental impact. At MORS, we recognise that every action counts in our journey towards a greener planet, and today, we’re proud to spotlight our recycling achievements and future ambitions.

A Look Back: Our Recycling Beginnings

Last year, our office recycling system was limited to managing mixed waste, alongside separate collections for paper, electrical equipment, and a system for returning bottles and cans. Recognising the need for broader impact, we set ambitious goals to include bio waste, plastics, and cardboard in our recycling efforts.

Implementing Change: Expanding Our Recycling Scope

Our journey to expand our recycling capabilities started with an evaluation of what was already possible within our building infrastructure. Fortuitously, disposals for bio waste and cardboard were available, thanks to the foresight of our building’s management. By leveraging these existing facilities, we swiftly incorporated these materials into our recycling regime.

Motivated by early successes, we approached our building management with a request to include plastic recycling—a crucial step given the substantial volume and impact of plastic waste. With collaborative efforts and shared sustainability goals, we were able to introduce plastic recycling facilities at our office.

Today: A Comprehensive Recycling Program

Thanks to these collective efforts, MORS now boasts a robust recycling program that effectively separates and recycles plastics, bio waste, and cardboard, in addition to our ongoing recycling of paper, electrical equipment, and returnable bottles and cans. This comprehensive system not only helps in reducing our ecological footprint but also aligns seamlessly with the WWF Green Office Certification’s objectives.

Looking Ahead: Our Continuous Commitment

Our recycling achievements are milestones, not endpoints. As part of our ongoing commitment to the WWF Green Office Certification, we are constantly exploring new ways to enhance our sustainability practices. Our future goals include improving waste reduction, increasing the efficiency of our recycling processes, and further engaging our employees in our green initiatives.

By sharing our progress, we hope to inspire other companies and individuals to reflect on their environmental impact and consider what actions they can take to make a difference. Together, we can create a sustainable future, one small change at a time.