Navigating IRRBB Compliance with MORS ALM Solution

Are you ready for the countdown to IRRBB compliance? With the European Banking Authority’s new IRRBB regulation set to take effect next fall (30 September 2024), understanding the scale of the requirements is crucial.

In the dynamic world of banking, the impending IRRBB compliance deadline demands a reliable partner to navigate the complexities. Allow us to introduce MORS Asset Liability Management (ALM) Solution—a steadfast companion on your journey. MORS ALM empowers your bank with comprehensive reports, precise balance sheet analysis, and seamless adaptation to your specific requirements. With MORS, you gain the edge of implementation speed, configurability, transparency, performance, and automation—essentials for IRRBB compliance.

Unless you already have a solid plan to solve this by June next year…please contact MORS for a demo.