MORS Software shortlisted in Fintech Leaders 2023: Can you help support us by casting your vote?

We’re thrilled to announce that MORS is nominated in The Fintech Leaders 2023  for the following categories:

Accounting and treasury management

Balance sheet risk

Compliance reporting

Data management and governance

Regulatory reporting (for adhering to a regulators requirements)

Stress testing

Take advantage of this opportunity to contribute towards an industry guiding research report that will be read by thousands of professionals around the world looking to gain a better understanding on the fintech industry, and learn from their peers to improve their institutions positioning within the financial services sector. 

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CeFPro are seeking knowledgeable professionals to share their insight on the above as part of our global research study Fintech Leaders. Have your say in what is regarded by industry experts as a go-to resource and provide guidance to institutions who look to our research to plan ahead with their use of fintech.