MORS Carbon Neutral Commitment

Physical us.

Carbon Negative by 2030

Finland – carbon-neutral and the first fossil-free welfare society by 2035.

MORS is based in Helsinki in a shared physical location with multiple other businesses. We share our city’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030, making us one of the first capital cities on earth to become carbon neutral. Finland has committed to be carbon neutral by 2035, 15 years ahead of the commitment made by 110 other countries in the 2020 Paris Agreement.

MORS operates a digital first policy. We minimise air travel, we encourage remote working and virtual/digital working practices. We actively recycle, use only sustainable materials and partners in our working environment, and all avoid unnecessary production of waste with our ‘think before you print’ policy.

Virtual us.

Carbon Negative by 2030

In 2020 MORS began a virtualization of its own technical footprint. We chose Microsoft as our strategic partner and have moved our almost our entire technical infrastructure to the Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft Cloud is up to 93% more energy efficient than managing our own infrastructure ‘on-premise’ and we get to share our carbon commitment journey with Microsoft’s strategy to become carbon negative by 2030, nicely synchronised with our own national and city ambitions.