MORS Embraces Sustainability: Introducing Our new Charity Initiative with Charitybo

In an exciting continuation of our sustainability journey, MORS is thrilled to announce a new charitable initiative that aligns with our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. Starting from this, we will be donating all proceeds collected from our recycled bottles and cans to “Pidä Saaristo Siistinä Ry” (Keep the Archipelago Tidy), a dedicated Finnish environmental organisation.

This initiative is made possible through our partnership with Charitybo, a platform that facilitates charitable giving in innovative ways.

Keep the Archipelago Tidy plays a crucial role in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of Finland’s waterways, including the archipelago, coastal areas, and the extensive Finnish Lakeland. Their mission resonates deeply with our values at MORS, where we strive to protect and preserve our natural surroundings for future generations.

Our commitment to this cause is further reinforced by Finland’s exemplary recycling program, which achieves a recycling rate of over 90 percent for bottles and cans. The program’s success since its inception in the 1950s is a testament to the country’s dedication to environmental sustainability, making it a global leader in recycling efforts.

As a WWF Green Office certified organisation, MORS is proud to contribute to this legacy of environmental responsibility. This initiative not only supports the cleanliness of our beloved natural landscapes but also aligns with our broader sustainability goals and the WWF’s vision for a greener future.

MORS – Together, We Make a Difference for a Greener Tomorrow.

More information about MORS WWF Green Office Certification.

For more information on Charitybo’s impactful work, visit their website.