MORS and Monzo secure Double win at prestigious Global Fintech Innovation Awards

MORS, together with Monzo Bank, is very proud to announce a remarkable achievement at the prestigious IBSi Global FinTech Innovation Awards 2023. Together, we have been recognised for excellence in delivery and collaboration in not just one but two distinguished categories:

Best Treasury Implementation: Best Program Vision for our Treasury Management System implementation at Monzo Bank.

NeoChallenger Bank Awards 2023, a winner in the focused category of Treasury for our solution implementation at Monzo Bank.

This exceptional recognition highlights the amazing work of our joint team to deliver a new Treasury and ALM solution for Monzo Bank in London. The successful project ensures regulatory compliance and control as well as business process automation and provides a scalable platform ready for future growth. Together, we have succeeded in implementing an innovative Treasury Management System in record time and in line with initial budgets and plans.

IBS Intelligence hosted the 5th Edition of IBSi’s Global FinTech Innovation Awards in India. The awards identify and honour technology companies and financial institutions for their excellence in creating business impact through technology implementations and innovations. MORS and Monzo have won 2 of the awards, an incredible achievement considering IBS Intelligence received more than 250 entries across 106 banks over 49 countries.

Crucial Factors in Our Joint Success

One of the outstanding achievements in the project was the delivery of the new Treasury Management System within 4 months, which was also delivered in accordance with the agreed project budget. The award embodies MORS core principles and a commitment to excellence in customer service and project innovation.

At the heart of this award and key to this transformative journey is the MORS Treasury Management System. This market-leading Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, empowers Monzo Bank with real-time risk management and business performance visibility across the entire bank, enabling optimal funding, hedging, and risk management decisions.

MORS Treasury Management System seamlessly integrates front, middle, and back-office functionalities, encompassing Deal Capture, Limit Management, P&L, Risk Management, Accounting, and Settlements. These robust capabilities provide Monzo Bank with a comprehensive suite of tools, effectively automating and streamlining their treasury operations.

“We are truly honoured and delighted to receive these 2 awards from IBSi. More so, we are incredibly proud of our relationship with Monzo Bank. It has been an incredible journey marked by innovation, dedication, and seamless collaboration. The success of our Treasury and ALM project with Monzo Bank speaks to the outstanding teamwork and shared vision that defined this project from the start.” says Nigel Lee, CEO of MORS.  

Lee continues, “I don’t hesitate in recognising the enormously significant role that Monzo Bank played in the project. Their unwavering commitment to close collaboration and agile methodologies was a critical ingredient in the project’s success. Leveraging efficient communication and adopting a Services as a Service model for implementation, the team worked with transparency and with a sense of joint ownership throughout the project.”

MORS was chosen by Monzo Bank in early 2023 for implementation of both the Treasury Management System (phase 1) and ALM (Asset and Liability Management) (phase 2). The Treasury Management System went live in 4 months and the ALM system will go live after only 5 months.

For more information about MORS and our Treasury Management System, please visit our website at or contact our media relations team.

Media Contact: Sofia Maunula, Marketing Manager, MORS Software,, +358408204310

About MORS Software:

MORS is a complete Asset Liability (ALM), Liquidity Risk and Treasury Management solution for banks.

MORS is atomic in structure and all components interact with each other to provide holistic and synergistic functionality based around a common core of granular level data and common services. MORS can also be packaged into smaller point solutions to address specific customer needs.

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About Monzo

Monzo was founded in 2015 and now serves more than eight million customers, making it the largest digital bank in the UK as well as the 7th largest UK bank by customer numbers. With a mission to make money work for everyone, Monzo is known for pioneering industry-first features like the Gambling Block and co-creating with its customers to deliver products and tools that put them in control of their finances. Monzo is a fully regulated UK bank and came first in the CMA’s latest customer satisfaction survey for both its personal and business accounts.