MORS Funds Transfer Pricing

Transparent, agile and informative

A real-time system for dynamic Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) for Treasury and Asset Liability Managers in banks.

MORS Funds Transfer Pricing is an efficient steering tool, where Fund Transfer Pricing levels can be altered dynamically, with the effects to be measured and monitored in real time.

Funds Transfer Pricing enables banks to create and maintain highly automated and transparent internal FTP processes.

MORS Funds Transfer Pricing is a unique support tool for the various business areas in their daily communication with external clients and treasury.

The flexible rule engine of MORS Funds Transfer Pricing allows to incorporate any pricing criteria in the solution, making MORS Funds Transfer Pricing adjustable for any pricing requirements of different financial institutions.


  • Profitability analysis support by customer, business line and product
  • Supports both ex-ante and ex-post purposes
  • Based on highly configurable and flexible Rule engine
  • Any amount of user defined classification calculation criteria
  • FTP calculation results can be grouped by: Maturity, Basis, Currency, Instrument, Product, Counterparty, Contingent exposure etc.
  • Regulatory impact analyses – value of impact on regulatory metrics, such as LCR and NSFR
  • Management Steering aid – by inclusion of steering elements (bonus & malus)


  • Helps optimise pricing (ex-ante)
  • Improves profitability and margin monitoring (ex-post)
  • Provides a highly automated and efficient transfer pricing process
  • Covers all relevant pricing components
  • Improves internal communication and transparency on product pricing


REAL-TIME: Analysis, calculations, forecasting and simulation.

DRILL-DOWN: Full drill-down to cash-flow and transaction level.

AUTOMATED DATA GATHERING: Gathering, reconciling and updating source data automatically.

FLEXIBLE REPORTING: Calculations and data can be sorted on any sublevel, such as legal entity, currency, business unit, portfolio.

EARLY WARNING INDICATORS with alerts, warnings and limits on different risk components