ALM Survey Report 2023

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84 banks from 31 countries replied to the ALM Survey 2023.

This report has been compiled from the results of the MORS Software 2023 ALM Survey and has, therefore, essentially been written collaboratively by the banks that took part. The report charts the respondent’s key areas of focus and concern in 2022, together with their outlook for focus in 2023.
In reading the report you will gain an understanding of what banks banks thought were the greatest challenges in ALM faced by banks in 2022 and what they expect to be the biggest challenges in ALM expected for the next 12 months. You will also learn which regulatory metrics represented the banks’ main constraints in 2022 and which ones banks expect to be their main constraints for the next 12 months.
Initially, MORS Software launched the ALM survey during Spring 2021 as a means of gaining an understanding of financial institutions globally, at a time when ALM, Balance
Sheet Management, Financial Planning, and integrated Stress Testing alike had been experiencing exceptional challenges.

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