8 Years Working with MORS: Adventures, Growth, and Overcoming Challenges

Exactly eight years ago, at the age of 26, I moved back to Finland from the Netherlands after a year-long adventure in Utrecht. It was my very first week back in Finland, when I landed a Marketing Coordinator role at MORS Software. Little did I know that this would mark the beginning of an incredible professional chapter in my life. As I reflect on my time with MORS, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities and personal growth that have shaped my career.

The Early Years – Finding My Footing

When I first stepped aboard the MORS ship as a Marketing Coordinator, with only one fully marketing-related job under my belt, I found myself navigating uncharted waters in a small company where the marketing position encompassed a multitude of tasks. I felt thankful for the team for giving me a chance to join, even though I had a lot to learn. As an outsider, the financial software industry’s intricate nuances and complex landscape proved to be a challenge. I encountered skepticism, hearing phrases like “this is just not how we work in this industry” many times. Nevertheless, I approached my work patiently and diligently, earning the trust and respect of my colleagues over time.

Learning, Adapting, and Growing into Marketing Manager

Slowly, I began to understand the unique value proposition that MORS brought to the market, which made marketing it much easier for me. In a small company with a sole marketing position, I quickly became a jack of all trades. From crafting content to executing campaigns and organizing events, I embraced the multifaceted nature of my role. Each passing year brought new challenges that allowed me to expand my skills and deepen my understanding of the industry. Despite limited resources and ever-evolving trends, I learned to be more creative and swiftly adjust our marketing strategies. As MORS experienced significant growth, I found myself at the forefront of transformations, shaping and executing commercial initiatives that aligned with our evolving goals. Collaborating closely with other teams, we have achieved remarkable results in our market positioning. I felt privileged to contribute to defining our long-term vision, identifying new market opportunities, and implementing strategies.

After three years of work as a marketing coordinator at MORS, I was ready to take on new challenges. Besides my work, I acquired a master’s degree in Change Leadership. During my studies, I undertook an ambitious project that directly benefited MORS — the comprehensive implementation of HubSpot, a CRM, sales, and marketing platform. This hands-on experience showcased my ability to manage larger projects effectively. Recognizing my contributions, the management team decided to offer me a new role as Marketing Manager.

My role encompasses a wide range of tasks that have allowed me to grow and develop my skills over the years. From strategic planning and campaign execution to content creation, event organization, and brand management, I have taken on diverse responsibilities that have expanded my knowledge and expertise in the field of marketing. I have had the opportunity to lead cross-functional projects, collaborate with different departments, and shape the company’s marketing strategies to drive growth and achieve our goals.

What makes the role so interesting is that my position within MORS has expanded and continues to expand, encompassing a diverse range of projects and responsibilities. Beyond traditional marketing tasks, I have been fortunate to be involved in various exciting initiatives. One such area is employer branding, where I have the opportunity to shape a thriving work environment, where MORS stands as the absolute best place to work for every member of our team. Additionally, I have played a vital role in integrating our brand identity into the actual product, ensuring a seamless and cohesive experience for our clients. Furthermore, I have had the privilege of organizing and coordinating internal events, fostering a sense of community. These diverse projects not only add excitement and variety to my work but also present fresh challenges and growth opportunities that keep me engaged.

Me organizing an event in Stockholm in 2018

What Makes MORS Unique as an Employer?

You may ask what is the differentiator in this company, as I have been already working here for 8 years, right? From my personal opinion, what sets MORS apart as an employer is its unique and empowering work environment. At MORS, hierarchy takes a backseat, fostering a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility. The management team trusts and believes in us, providing the support needed to take ownership of projects. This level of trust has not only nurtured my professional growth but also instilled a sense of pride and commitment in my contributions.

Moreover, MORS understands the importance of work-life balance, encouraging a healthy integration of personal and professional life. With my various hobbies, including renovating our modern mid-century house, I appreciate the flexibility and support MORS provides. I feel valued and appreciated as an integral part of the team, with my insights and ideas actively sought after and considered in the creation and execution of strategies. This inclusive and supportive atmosphere at MORS has truly made it a great place to work.

Celebrating Milestones and Looking to the Future

Eight years of working with MORS Software have been a transformative experience filled with growth, challenges, and remarkable achievements. From my early days as a marketing coordinator to my current role as a marketing manager, I have witnessed the evolution of the company and celebrated numerous milestones and achievements together. From successfully launching new product versions to expanding our client base globally, each milestone has been a testament to our hard work and dedication. I am grateful for the opportunities and proud to have been part of this incredible journey. I look forward to the future, as I believe there are still many exciting years to come at MORS.