Why choose a Holistic & Integrated Treasury ALM system

Future-proof your banks Treasury ALM function!

Structural changes and cost pressures in the financial services industry are reshaping bank executives’ approach to information technology. To meet the demand for software systems that can rationalize the data-heavy and mundane processes of banks’ treasury, ALM and risk management offices, the fast-growing fintech sector has developed a model that complies both with banks internal
requirements as well as with regulatory requirements.

These new software systems speed up data processing and help release treasury office staff from routine tasks to focus on high-quality analysis and decision making. Selecting a new treasury or ALM system is a decision that is likely to be made only once in a decade.
This is because these systems are heavily integrated with other systems in the bank and following implementation they are not the easiest to replace. When selecting new software, it’s important that all elements under consideration are discussed thoroughly with colleagues, potential software providers, even peers in the industry. Think carefully about the scope of the project, what problems
need solving, implementation risks, support and, not least, the costs.

Watch this webinar to learn more about the benefits of integrated Treasury ALM systems.

Webinar Host

Niklas Fellman