Financial Planning in Uncertain Times

Boom or bust? Inflation or deflation? Expansion or contraction? Negative interest rates, Climate Risk, Global Pandemic, increased and changing regulation, and who knows what else is to come? In times when planning the future balance sheet of the bank might be especially hard, it makes sense to have an agile and transparent Asset Liability Management (ALM) System that can be used for Financial and Balance Sheet Planning. Please join Ville Holma and Niklas Fellman from MORS Software for this webinar, where Ville and Niklas will demonstrate how MORS ALM can generate financial and balance sheet projections based on different sets of assumptions.

Webinar Hosts

Ville Holma

Senior Product Manager, MORS

Niklas Fellman



 Understand how to navigate through uncertain times marked by factors

Discover why having an agile and transparent ALM system is crucial for financial and balance sheet planning in times of uncertainty

Witness a demonstration showcasing how the system can help you analyze and plan for different scenarios

 Understand the value of scenario analysis and how it can assist in making informed decisions