The MORS Software team and our way of working

On our website, we provide lots of information on our product and service offering but less about the team behind the business. We thought it would be interesting to give a glimpse of the people behind the software, the MORS Software team, us.

We are a group of dedicated MORS Software people in Helsinki, Stockholm, London and Moscow working with customer care, product development, project deliveries, sales and marketing, and our own administration. Our team extends beyond just our own people, the MORS Software team also includes a growing global network of partners in North America, Latin America, DACH, Eastern Europe, and South East Asia.

Our team is made up of financial software engineers, financial and banking subject matter experts, banking solution service specialists, business development specialists, marketing, and management professionals. Within the team, we share an active can-do attitude and a devotion to learning new skills. Moreover, we all share a collective inquisitive mindset and a natural drive for problem-solving ideal for team success in designing and evolving our sophisticated software. In all that we do, we also enjoy a good laugh; humor is a refreshing and very important ingredient at work.

Our agile way of working flexibly adjusts to the needs of our customers and projects. We have always been able to carry out our work, software deliveries and service provision to customers remotely. Traditionally, we have gathered for the working week at our offices, but it is also business-as-usual for us, that our customers as well as our own team members work together from different geographical and physical locations. Now, due to the current pandemic and the physical restrictions imposed, we smoothly transferred to entirely working from our home offices, yet still maintained an ability to work seamlessly as a team.

Our values, our culture

MORS Software has an inclusive work culture, and we operate together as a tight team. Our way of working is based on helping and supporting each other, and we value an environment of encouragement. We believe in open and transparent communication, and that everyone should be treated in a kind and appreciative way.

We like keeping things simple and down-to-earth, as well as agile and flexible, and we think it is important to both enjoy what we do and to be able to personally and professionally grow at work. We maintain an atmosphere of trust that builds freedom and responsibility. All team members enjoy the flexibility to independently organize their work, whilst at the same time assuming the responsibility for completing their projects and tasks and helping others. At all times, we are dedicated to delivering excellent service to our customers and to maintaining high quality standards in the technical development of our solution.

We support a healthy and successful balance between work life and private life, and we do not seek to glamorize haste or unnecessary stress.

At MORS Software it is our mission to ensure the whole team can enjoy themselves at work and to find their work rewarding. We encourage a sustainable way of working and we prioritize maintaining a working environment that all future MORS Software team members can enjoy as the company grows.

Meet some of us!

Kaj Saarnio

Treasury Software Specialist

Helsinki, Finland

Mikael Ekholm

Financial Software Developer

Helsinki, Finland

Sofia Maunula

Marketing Manager

Helsinki, Finland

Nigel Lee

Commercial Director