Thank you MORS customers! Thank you MORS team!

The lockdown has now continued uninterrupted for ten weeks. During this unique and unusual period, we have not met physically with our customers nor our colleagues in the MORS team. Still we have been able to carry out system implementation projects in this completely remote way. All our customer projects are on time and well within budget. Online meetings and conference calls have been an effective and productive way to manage both project follow-ups as well as any complex issues or detailed subject matter. In addition, we have also avoided spending a single Euro on travel or accommodation.

Providing implementation projects and customer services remotely from our offices has been our working style already for years. Our current customers are used to working with us in the way. Our long track record of running effective and productive projects remotely with successful results, and this unusual situation, has now encouraged our new customers to try us out. As the news of these positive experiences is spreading around, we believe our cost effective and productive way of running projects remotely will become more and more popular in the future. Naturally, when the time is right it will be great to meet with you all again. Still, I hope that in the future this remote practice will stay more widely accepted as the modern approach to running system implementation projects.

Thank you to all our MORS customers and also, thank you to our MORS team for these fantastic achievements and for leading the new way. Well done.

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