MORS Regulatory Reporting software

Tick Multiple Regulation boxes with the MORS Regulatory Reporting software module for banks

Regulatory reporting is the process by which banks report their financial and other business-related data to regulatory authorities. We at MORS think that it is a critical function, ensuring that banks operate in compliance with regulations, laws, and standards.

Regulatory reporting typically involves collecting and compiling data from various sources within an organization, verifying its accuracy, and submitting it to regulatory authorities in a standardized format.

The data reported includes information such as financial statements, risk exposures, and capital adequacy. Regulatory reporting is a complex and time-consuming process that requires significant resources and expertise.

Failure to comply with regulatory reporting requirements can result in significant financial penalties, reputational damage, and other negative consequences for banks.

How MORS can help?

MORS Software is now able to offer Regulatory Reporting software for Banks as a fully integrated solution along with ALM, Financial Risk Management, and Treasury Management.

MORS offers one of the most sophisticated solutions for Treasury Management, ALM, Financial Risk and Regulatory Reporting.

With a single view of contract level data at its heart, the solution includes sophisticated scenario analysis and stress testing, meeting both regulatory and internal reporting needs.

MORS is genuinely a ‘deal to disclosure’ solution for all types of banks, large and small. Based on a lightweight technology footprint, MORS is both economic to run and quick to implement.

The MORS suite is available on premise, in the bank’s own cloud, or as a full SaaS solution. While genuinely an integrated solution, MORS is also available as discreet modules to suit the immediate needs of the customer, or a phased implementation project approach. The solution is ideally placed as a tool to ‘run the bank’ but also covers the calculation of all regulatory metrics for complete regulatory disclosure, including Credit Risk and Capital Adequacy, Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB), Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR), Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR), to name but a few.

Integrated Regulatory Reporting software for COREP, FINREP, and AnaCredit.

Powered by FactsConverter, a lightweight reporting solution, or a complete reporting solution suite, XBRL Factory, both approaches are powered by Aguilonius, the leading European Regulatory Reporting solution provider.
AnaCredit is powered by Anafactory: designed with data dictionaries that trigger relevant regulatory and functional information for each individual attribute of different datasets.

MORS Regulatory Reporting module helps you to take the stress out of producing regulatory reports and dealing with multiple vendors. Our primary focus is on getting accurate supervisory data in line with the authorities in the right reporting standard, with the correct parameters and above all, 100% valid against business rules. We have developed an interface to immediately import MORS’ calculated data in the right reporting templates for validation against regulatory business rules and extract into the supervisory reporting format.

MORS is a cost-effective way to comply with your reporting obligations by reducing complexity and adding flexibility. You will be easily adapted to the changing regulatory requirements.

Why Choose us?

  • Reporting professionals and Modern Technology Combined: Aguilonius experts in the regulatory field together with MORS best of breed ALM + Treasury in a one box. Reduced costs and time working with only one vendor.
  • Up-to-date reports:Contract level data is stored in MORS and the MORS Application Server environment. The allocation of that data, including calculations, is then correctly validated and placed in the required regulatory returns in an automated fashion.
  • Free up resources: More time for decision-making, your team is free to focus on more important work, free of regulatory reporting stress.
  • Available as Full SaaS or Private cloud solution: You will benefit from lower IT support requirements and elastic and faster cloud resources.
  • Regulatory peace of mind!

Tick a box for your Regulatory Requirements.