Real-time Decision Making for Scenario Analysis of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement

In the last 12 months, it has been very important to ‘stress’ the Balance Sheet and Income Statement across a diverse array of scenarios to understand the ever-changing consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Never more so has it been as important to gain a holistic view of Asset and Liability Management, and Risk Management and its impact on long-term profitability. Combined with increased margin compression, banks need tools to better understand the interaction between different risk surfaces, how to optimize the Balance Sheet, and how to drive maximum Return on Equity. 

As our MORS Software ALM Survey 2021* revealed, many banks struggle to run multiple, complex scenarios and more so, find it virtually impossible to adjust elements of the underlying assumptions of such scenarios in a timely fashion, let alone ‘on the fly’. 

In this short video, Peter Serlachius demonstrates the value of moving away from a siloed approach to Risk and ALM. Peter also demonstrates how MORS Software’s new Decision Maker, a visual reporting solution, provides powerful scenario analysis of both the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement based on real-time, contract-level data.

MORS Decision Maker is an essential tool for decision making at every level of the bank, even up to and into the Boardroom. 

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