My first 4 months at MORS Software as a Financial Software Specialist

I joined MORS Software 4 months ago as a Financial Software Specialist. My job includes supporting our customers in using our software, to help resolve technical problems, and to participate in various internal and customer focussed projects in order to further develop our software and our company.

I graduated from LUT MSF in 2020 and landed a job in what were difficult times. The job is with a company called MORS Software that has built a solution for the management of the Balance Sheet and Treasury function of banks.

After completing my studies, I wanted to find a role where I could combine my education in the theoretical understanding of the economy, my work experience in the banking industry, and my technical orientation in the financial sector. I also wanted to find a position in which I could learn new things and develop myself further. The position at MORS Software met my criteria and offered varied duties and an interesting environment to jump into – a small and internationally growing company where I can see the business develop every day from the front seat.

When looking for a job, I came across MORS Software’s open position for a Financial Software Specialist on the website of the recruiting partner, aTalent. After a quick bit of research, it became apparent that MORS Software and the advertised position could tick many of my boxes. I got excited about the position and sent off my application.

The application process started with a preliminary call with aTalent’s recruiting professional who screened the first round of applicants. A few days later I received a call from aTalent and got to the second round: a video interview the following week with some of MORS Software’s managers.

The third and final round in the recruitment process was at MORS Software’s premises where I discussed, in more detail, the tasks with what would be my future team manager and the company’s CEO. The meeting must have gone well, because I was offered the position. The process was straight forward and transparent. The interviews had left me with the impression of a professional and down-to-earth company, feelings which have only grown stronger since.

Why did I choose MORS Software?

I think MORS Software had a lot to offer me since I am in the very early stages of my career. There are many factors I find very positive about the role; the flat hierarchy approach to organisation, experienced professionals to learn from, the work context being at the very core of banking, the opportunity for a steep learning curve not only on the technical side but also on the business side, and business development in general, to name but a few. I also like the home-grown atmosphere since the founders of the company are still in the business. So maybe the common thread is an environment that enables learning in many fields.

Training process

On the first day I started my training together with another new employee. The day included looking at systems that we use daily and of course the MORS product itself. After we had set up our workstations, we got quickly involved in real customer cases and projects. This was a fast way to get into the daily activities and to start learning what FinTech is all about.

In the training sessions, the main focus was to understand the Asset and Liability framework, Interest Rate Risk, and Liquidity Risk. We studied the technical aspects of how databases work and how the software is configured. The MORS product itself is very versatile and has a wide range of features.

One of the most important things I have learned so far is the importance of the problem-solving mindset. It doesn’t matter what daily task one is doing; the most successful people and companies have been able to solve problems and take ownership of projects to complete the job. Although my education has been great preparation for this, I still think that the learning has just begun.

An additional spice to my training was brought about by the need for social distancing due to the corona pandemic, there were only few people in the office, mainly the ones doing the training and us new guys. I quickly noticed how training, customer related work and internal meetings could be done very effectively via Microsoft Teams, a technology in high usage currently. Remote working has been very well and very flexibly organised at MORS Software.

Future at MORS

I feel confident about my choice to work at MORS Software. Being able to focus on bank risk management software and to better understand many of the aspects involved in banking through real-life customer projects. In terms of my career at MORS Software, I am in a fertile environment to learn new professional and personal skills, to grow my professional network, to take on more difficult projects and I hope to grow into a management role in the future. At MORS Software, team members have many choices for their career development and can choose where they see themselves best in order to succeed.

Want to start your own MORS Software career path? Make sure to keep an eye on our careers page for possible openings! Or send open application here.