MORS wins best Balance Sheet System in 2020 bobsguide Awards

MORS has been awarded Best Balance Sheet System of the year in the 2020 bobsguide Awards, hosted by bobsguide.

bobsguide welcomes entries to a number of categories in order to highlight the leading market participants across different fields. This year, with financial services providers leaning heavily on tech partners to help perform in tumultuous markets, recognising the leaders in each area has become increasingly important. The bobsguide awards have been assessed based on the strength of tech updates and their impact on the client experience, and how the systems stand out in the marketplace.

2020 was an unprecedented year. MORS Software thinks that 2 factors significantly influenced the judging panel at bobsguide. Firstly, MORS is an incredibly flexible, forward looking and real-time solution. MORS users have, at their fingertips, a contract level of data granularity. That data, combined with extremely flexible and intuitive user functionality for modelling, stress-testing and scenario analysis allowed MORS Software’s customers to immediately understand the consequences of a rapidly evolving and highly volatile economic situation resulting from the global pandemic.

“Our customers were able to react incredibly quickly to the consequences of the Covid pandemic. With MORS, multiple scenarios can be modelled in real-time and actions taken in hours and days rather than weeks and months, as would have been the case with almost all other ALM solutions.” says Mika Mustakallio, CEO of MORS Software. “When the economy and banking sector suffers a significant economic and market shock, it is extremely important to move quickly. In 2020 we saw multiple shocks in an almost never-ending cycle of change. MORS customers were able to capitalise quickly and restructure their business and Balance Sheet accordingly, taking early advantage of the most efficient sources of capital.” Adds Mustakallio.

A second factor influencing the bobsguide judging panel, so MORS Software believes, is the experience and competence of its team. Almost the entire MORS Software team have years of direct experience of working in banks. The MORS Software team has built a solution based on that experience, as practitioners, bankers, Heads of Treasury, and ALM experts themselves.

“We know, first-hand, the challenges facing our customers. We know what tools they need, and we know what help they need in times of extreme market stress.” says Niklas Fellman, Head of Sales at MORS Software. “We are a partner to our customers; they know they can turn to us for more than just software solutions. In 2020 we provided support services to our customers to help them understand the impact of the pandemic on their business. MORS is available in the cloud and as a service, so we were able to step completely into our customer’s environments to assist them directly in their stress-testing and modelling work. We became an extension to their own teams, united by the power and flexibility of the MORS solution.” suggests Fellman.

Given the levels of fluidity in markets and the increased rate of innovation required of the fintech community last year, still this year’s awards were highly competitive, with a substantial volume of nominations coming through for each category. The judges saw that MORS Software really offered their clients something different in these difficult circumstances.

“We believe we have the most advanced and appropriate Balance Sheet Management solution for banks today. 2020 was a clear example of a situation demanding the very best tools available. According to bobsguide, MORS clearly is the best solution. Our forward-looking approach to ALM is essential for banks in the constant and ever more difficult challenge of achieving sustainable and consistent long-term growth and profitability.” concludes Mustakallio.

MORS Software is a leading global provider of integrated Treasury Management and ALM solutions. MORS Treasury Front, Middle, and Back Office solution is fully integrated with a complete ALM solution including extensive functionality for Balance Sheet Management, Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity Risk, Intraday Liquidity, Fund Transfer Pricing, Stress Testing and Risk Analytics.

MORS Software is based in Helsinki with offices in the UK, Sweden and Russia. MORS Software has partners in North America, South America, Asia, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. MORS Software has customers in Europe, USA, Central America, and Asia.