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At MORS, we strive to conduct our operations in a sustainable manner. Our approach ranges from every day practical choices such as preferring digital alternatives to travel when appropriate, to embracing projects that align with our corporate responsibility. We also seek to represent a positive driving force in our community, through promoting health and wellbeing, motivation, happiness and success in life.

Our company has an inclusive working culture and we operate together as a tight team. Our ways of working are based on helping and supporting one another, and we value an environment of encouragement. We believe in open and transparent communication, and that everyone should be treated in a kind and appreciative way.

We like keeping things simple and down-to-earth, as well as agile and flexible, and we think it is important to both enjoy what we do and to be able to grow at work. We maintain an atmosphere of trust that builds freedom and responsibility. All team members therefore enjoy flexibility to independently organize their work, whilst at the same time assuming responsibility for completing their projects and tasks and also helping others. At all times, we are dedicated to delivering excellent service to our clients and to keeping high quality standards in technical development for our solution.

We aim to support a successful balance between work life and private life, and do not seek to glamorize haste or unnecessary stress.

Open Application

MORS is growing with existing and new customers.

We are always interested in recruiting talented and experienced financial software professionals. In case you are interested, please send us an open application.

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MORS is officially Great Place To Work™!

The MORS Software Team is now officially recognized as a Great Place To Work™ Certified Company.

This certification is a resounding recognition of the remarkable experience we provide to our employees. It’s a testament that within our workspace, employees not only find satisfaction but also trust in their employer. At the core of a great workplace lie elements like trust, strong values, and visionary leadership.