MORS Software Ranked #1 Nordic Vendor in 2021 Chartis RiskTech100

MORS Software is proud to announce that it has been ranked #1 Nordic vendor in the Chartis global ranking of Risk Technology companies, Chartis RiskTech100. Jumping 2 places from last year’s report, MORS scored particularly well on Functionality and Core Technology.  

MORS Software is a leading global provider of integrated Treasury Management and ALM solutions. MORS Treasury Front, Middle, and Back Office solution is fully integrated with a complete ALM solution including extensive functionality for Balance Sheet Management, Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity Risk, Intraday Liquidity, Fund Transfer Pricing, Stress Testing and Risk Analytics. MORS has been ranked #33 for functionality by Chartis and ranked #27 for core technology.  

MORS Software is based in Helsinki with offices in the UK, Sweden and Russia. MORS Software has partners in North America, South America, Asia, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. MORS Software has customers in Europe, USA, Central America, and Asia. 

“We are immensely proud of our rankings in the 2021 RiskTech100 report. While our primary focus is always our customers, it’s wonderful to see our core technology and functionality being so highly recognised by an independent group.” says Mika Mustakallio, CEO of MORS Software.  

“We have built our company from the ground up based on customer satisfaction and innovation. Our deep domain expertise and experience is one of our strongest differentiators. We have personally walked in the shoes of our customers and understand their needs as fellow Treasury and Risk professionals. In 2021 our core focus will be the global expansion of the business and we will achieve this independently and organically.” adds Mustakallio. 

Many larger vendors in the RiskTech100 rankings have achieved their functional breadth and market presence through multiple acquisitions. Such vendors have acquired dozens, even hundreds of solutions over the years and have built their global presence through merging acquired businesses. 

MORS is based on a holistic approach to Treasury Management and ALM. Genuinely seamless integration of multiple risk surfaces and tools based on a contract level single version of the truth in terms of data, is at the heart of MORS. MORS is real-time and available either on-premise or SaaS. 

We believe our holistic and integrated approach to data and functionality is essential for every bank operating in increasingly dynamic financial markets. Operating in real-time, our solution equips our customers with a clear view of the performance of their institution and a wide variety of tools to model multiple scenarios in planning for the future. MORS is forward looking and takes ALM out from purely the Treasury and into the realm of profitability management and the CFO function.” says Niklas Fellman, Head of Sales at MORS Software.

“We are a highly focussed and agile company with a strong reputation for global delivery and customer satisfaction.  Our functionality and our core technology have been highly ranked by Chartis and form an excellent basis for our continued growth and global expansion.” concludes Fellman.