MORS Software Partner Program

Are you a true Treasury and ALM expert?

MORS Software is expanding its global presence and is looking for new local partners. Our partners may vary from large vendors to individual contractors, and anything in between.

MORS Software Partners typically operate in the following roles – 1) software license reseller, 2) implementation contractor and 3) ALM reporting service provider. It’s perfectly possible for a partner to perform more than one role, with some of our current partners fulfilling all three.

To become a MORS Software Partner requires no investment. The easiest way to begin is to test out MORS ALM as a Reporting Service for banks as an outsourced ALM function.

The ALM as a Reporting Service is a joint venture, where MORS Software will provide the technology solution for the partner and the partner will provide the ALM reporting service for banks. The reporting service delivers a complete ALM reporting package on a monthly or weekly basis. Expert opinion and decision-making guidance provided by the partner complements bank’s own resources.

Based in Helsinki, MORS Software is a privately-owned Finnish company, specialising in ALM, Treasury and Liquidity Risk Management software solutions. The ambition of MORS Software is to act as the most efficient facilitator for its partners, bringing access to a sophisticated ALM reporting solution without the need to acquire a license or hardware by the bank, nor by the partner. The outsourced approach is an ideal low-risk and affordable alternative for banks, replacing any resource-intensive ALM development projects.

Our successful collaboration with partners as well as co-innovation projects with many banks and technology providers has increased our appetite for establishing new partnerships across the fintech community.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for industry experts and consultants with proven knowhow of Treasury ALM in banks. We seek to grow our professional network with regional experts and their local customer base. We provide high quality services and training for our partners. We expect our partners to be able to represent and provide the highest MORS Software standards for banks in their territory. Together as partners, we will be at the forefront of innovation, enjoying the benefits that come from consumer confidence as the market acknowledges our combined efforts.

Your benefits from the MORS Software Partner Program

If you are looking for a mutually beneficial partner program, offering you the latest insights and developments in the field of banking, you should consider joining the MORS Software Partner Program.

Through the MORS Software Partner Program, partners have access to an intelligent solution, providing a real-time, holistic view for Treasury ALM in banks.

MORS is a true, single solution, providing all the needed modules for treasury, ALM and financial planning.

For partners, the solution is provided remotely via Azure Cloud.

Partners will get comprehensive online training for the solution and full support from our experienced team of ALM practitioners.

Use our solution to boost your business:

-Our solution is a great tool enabling you to increase sales of your consulting services, implementation services and license sales business.

-Once you broaden your business scope with us in the Treasury ALM business, you become more competitive in your market.

-As a MORS Software Partner you can offer a variety of value-added services for your customer banks: Training, workshops, ad-hoc analysis, stress-testing and many others.

Technical specifications and requirements

The following are the key competences required for you to become a successful MORS Software partner:

  • A solid experience with Treasury ALM for banks
  • Local Market Knowledge in the field of banking
  • Understanding how Data and Databases are organised: Key Terms and Technologies. Knowledge of SQL Server.

The requirements listed above are rather simple for individuals and firms who have worked with Treasury and ALM. Do you feel comfortable with the list? Then please get in touch – we are sure to be interested in cooperating.

What would our partnership look like?

There are several alternative ways in which to work with us. We are happy to define together a model that fits you best.

Some of our partners are local system integration contractors. They work in new implementation cases in their geographic region together with MORS Software implementation teams.

Some partners are ex-bankers with a strong background in treasury and ALM. This type of partner typically works as a consultant for banks in their geographical region. A common question they will be asked during consultation with customer banks, is: “Which Treasury ALM solution would you recommend?”

Some partners have software sales experience and are looking to represent the latest technology and functionality in their markets.

In most cases our partners have many roles. Through their previous activities in Treasury ALM our partners often come with experience delivering ALM and Treasury system implementation projects. Many also have experience of being a user of these systems.

With these past user experiences, MORS partners are in an excellent position to quickly learn how to use the MORS technology, and most of all how to recognise the customer benefits the MORS solution can provide.

Are you an expert of your market? Challenge us! Surprise us! And let us surprise you. We are ready for new business opportunities!

Quote from Karl Rubach, IBSM Solutions:IBSM is a MORS Software Partner operating in Canada and Latin America. Our customer banks are using the MORS solution offered via Microsoft Azure. On top of this, we provide ALM and risk analysis and ALCO reporting for our customers. The light and cost effective technical IT environment provided by MS Azure, the fast and modern ALM system provided by MORS Software, together with our consulting services for the banks as an outsourced ALM department, enable a very powerful ALM operation for smaller banks. We are able to provide a professional level ALM functionality at a cost level very competitive for even the smallest banks. The ease and support with which the MORS solution is provided is a great advantage. IT environments are not necessary.

Become our successful partner and take full advantage of our modern ALM technology

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