MORS Software launches full Microsoft Azure SaaS option for award winning Treasury, ALM, and Risk Management Solution, MORS

In strategic collaboration with Microsoft, MORS will be available directly from Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. MORS will also continue to be available directly from MORS Software.

Leading provider of Treasury, ALM and Risk Management solutions, MORS Software, announces that its award-winning solution, MORS, will be available on Microsoft Marketplace as a full SaaS solution from Q4 2021.

For some time, MORS has been available in the Cloud and as SaaS, and indeed several customers use MORS in this mode. Until now, the preferred Cloud approach has been skewed towards the customer’s own Cloud environment with some takers for SaaS.

MORS Software also provides an invaluable ‘Managed Service’ to many customers, in which they manage the customer’s technical infrastructure. This has proved very popular with banks wishing to relieve themselves of the overhead of managing technology instead of managing the bank.

“MORS SaaS on the Microsoft Marketplace is a perfect combination of the things we already do very well.” says Niklas Fellman, Head of Sales at MORS Software. “The combination of SaaS or a managed service and a solution hosted in the Cloud has helped our customers achieve an optimal solution at a demonstrably lower Total Cost of Ownership than ‘on premise’ solutions deployment combined with managing their own infrastructure. Our partnership with Microsoft furthers this value and makes the purchase, deployment, and management of MORS even more efficient and cost effective.” continues Fellman.

Banks are increasingly demanding critical software to be provided as a service. Choosing Microsoft as a strategic partner in this new endeavour brings together application development and subject matter expertise in Treasury, ALM and Risk Management with global thought leadership and technology.

“MORS is fully Microsoft based and has been since its inception.” explains Jari Ojanen, Head of Professional Services at MORS Software. “In choosing the Microsoft Azure platform for our latest SaaS offering, we were not only choosing a technology, but a partner that brings unparalleled knowledge and experience, not to mention inherent trust in the eyes of our customer.” Ojanen continues.

“With increasingly complex calculation needs, and an ever-increasing amount of data, MORS has always been fast. Based on contract level data, MORS has been architected to perform in ‘live’ mode, essentially in real-time. We are thrilled to add to that the tremendous benefit of horizontal and vertical scaling in Microsoft Azure and we are sure our customers will agree.” concludes Ojanen.

There will still be many ways to buy and use MORS, including On-Prem, and private Cloud. MORS SaaS will be available directly from MORS Software but will also be ‘transactable’ on the Microsoft Marketplace.

“With SaaS, the proof is in the pudding.” says Nigel Lee, Commercial Director at MORS Software. “In partnering with Microsoft and making our solution available in the Microsoft Marketplace, there’s nowhere to hide. If customers can buy and use MORS directly from Microsoft Marketplace, then it must work, and work well. We know how important trust, security, and reliability is to our customers. In working with Microsoft, we are standing on broad shoulders for our latest SaaS solution. It will even be possible to ‘buy’ MORS from Microsoft directly using your Azure credits.” concludes Lee.

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