MORS Software has Formalised its partnership with Triaset in Malaysia and Southeast Asia

TriAset provides the advanced and effective bank treasury management system, Compass, for financial institutions in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Together with TriAset Compass TM, the MORS Software ALM offering forms an impressive integrated treasury ALM solution for the Asian financial markets. Compass is used by many local banks. TriAset has responded to requests from satisfied Compass users to provide an ALM extension to its TM solution. For this customer-driven need, TriAset and MORS Software initiated their partnership with a few test cases in 2017. Now the joint offering for integrated Treasury ALM has been formalised with the signing of a partnership agreement between the companies.

“TriAset is the perfect partner for MORS. They have deep knowledge and experience with the treasuries of local Asian banks. Their clients very much appreciate their local and customer oriented approach. This makes TriAset exactly the type of partner to represent the MORS ALM offering in the region,” states Mika Mustakallio, CEO, MORS Software.

“The financial markets in certain countries of South East Asia are currently in an exciting moment. We have been asked by banks in these countries for an ALM system. There are limited availability of good ALM systems in this region. Therefore, TriAset is excited to partner MORS, who has 30 years of intimate knowledge in ALM. This bodes well for TriAset when offering new services to clients,” states William Lim, CEO, TriAset Sdn Bhd.

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