MORS Software has been awarded a Gold Medal by SoftwareReviews in Its 2020 Banking Risk Management Data Quadrant Report

SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech Research Group Inc., a world-class IT research and advisory firm, recently executed a Banking Risk Management Data Quadrant Report. The Data Quadrant evaluates and ranks products based on user review data from IT and business professionals across the banking industry.

MORS Software is proud to share that we have been recognized as a significant player in the report, and especially proud to be awarded the Gold Medal.

SoftwareReviews Gold Medal Awards are the capstone of an in-depth software evaluation report and awarded using a proprietary, transparent methodology based on a composite satisfaction score that averages three different areas of evaluation: Net Emotional Footprint, Vendor Capabilities, and Likeliness to Recommend.

The Net Emotional Footprint

The Net Emotional Footprint Score measures a user’s emotional response ratings of the vendor (e.g. trustworthy, respectful, fair). One of the most significant observations to draw from the report is our success in the Emotional Footprint as this area of evaluation allows customers to candidly share their feelings across the MORS Software service experience and its product impact.

Also, 90% of our customers ranked our solution’s features unique. 100% of our customers feel that our solutions are reliable.

Further on, 90% of MORS clients say that their service experience is effective, and 100% of our clients state that MORS services save them time.

Vendor Capabilities               

The vendor relationship is calculated as a weighted average of the satisfaction scores tied to vendor capabilities (e.g. software implementation, training, product roadmap).

A significant finding from the report is MORS Software’s ability to implement the solution without unnecessary disruption; 22% of clients are delighted and 70% are highly satisfied with MORS solution’s ease of implementation. MORS implementation projects are standardized, decreasing the overall costs of system implementation. Once implemented, MORS gathers, reconciles, and updates source data automatically, lowering system operating costs. Read more about MORS Software’s implementation approach.

More than 80% (20% delighted + over 60% highly satisfied) of the customers think that the MORS Solution is intuitive and easy to use. MORS improves Treasury ALM processes, enabling focus on risk analysis and decision making. MORS shortens lead times for report and scenario generation, providing intuitive and configurable set-ups.      

Likeliness to recommend

The satisfaction is captured in the overall satisfaction score, which is driven by the likelihood of users to recommend the software. 30% of MORS clients are active promoters of the company, and 60% see themselves as passive promoters.     

Needless to say, we are incredibly grateful to our customers. We are able to take a step back and see our solution as others see it, and we are glad to see how positive the responses are. Our ranking in the SoftwareReviews report helps us know that we have developed a solution that has great value to our customers. We feel that we have succeeded in creating an effective service experience and the implementation process, which helps our clients to focus on decision making when running their banks with MORS.

“At SoftwareReviews, we execute software reviews built on the premise of real user data with no vendor influence to help technology leaders make better software selection decisions. SoftwareReviews reports also present the market’s most comprehensive evaluations of software vendors so buyers can use this data to make more informed, data-driven software purchasing and renewal decisions.” – David Piazza, President, SoftwareReviews.