MORS Managed Services

We offer a range of Managed Services as add-on services to our clients. The offered services free up our clients from monitoring and managing the data and software processes inherent with Treasury ALM software. The services also ensure optimal system performance as MORS Software’s support specialists will pro-actively monitor the installation. The Managed Services are offered both for clients with on-premise and in Cloud installations.

Some of the key benefits from our Managed Services include:

  • As MORS Software’s support experts will be monitoring and managing the system and integrations there is no need for our clients to invest time and resource in technical maintenance and monitoring of MORS. Our clients can fully focus on using MORS and benefiting from the system.
  • The pro-active monitoring of MORS and related integrations will help maximise uptime of the system and mean shorter resolution times in case issues arise.
  • In cases where our clients ask us to support them with data content matters or with setting up scenarios, MORS Software’s experts will be close at hand. This means new datasets, scenarios and reports can efficiently be produced in short timeframes.


The following is a sample of tasks included in the Managed Services offering. For each client, the duties and responsibilities will be tailored to meet exact requirements:

  • Monitoring, managing and optimising key data imports, such as banking book and market data imports
  • Monitoring, managing and optimising key MORS internal tasks & routines such as Start of Day and re-evaluation routines
  • Monitoring, managing and optimising key data exports from MORS, such as accounting entries to the G/L and exports to third party databases or data warehouses
  • Market data timeliness and quality checks
  • Set up of new products, instruments and yield curves as well as maintaining existing ones
  • Performing MORS version upgrades in line with MORS semi-annual major release policy
  • Regular and in-depth system performance analysis
  • Database analysis, diagnostics, and database cleansing
  • Exception management & troubleshooting
  • Setting up and managing tailored reporting services