MORS: A Year in Review 🌟

As we bid farewell to another year, it’s time to reflect on the achievements and milestones that have defined our journey at MORS Software. Here’s a snapshot of the incredible highlights that have shaped our year:

More satisfied customers

  • In 2023 we entered the Estonian market and have enjoyed delivering value together with our new colleagues and customers.
  • We expanded our footprint in the UK and have been thrilled to work with our new customer. Together we’ve enjoyed tremendous project success.
  • We’ve worked more closely with our existing customers than ever before. We’ve experienced a strong sense of purpose and value to the work we do and we are grateful to our customers for continuing to place their trust in our team and solutions.

Great Place to Work Certification:

  • Certified Excellence: Since July 2023, MORS Software proudly holds the title of a Great Place To Work™ Certified Company. This prestigious recognition reflects our commitment to cultivating an exceptional workplace environment centered around trust, strong values, and visionary leadership.
  • Empowering Employee Experience: Our journey involved a rigorous validation process, including insightful surveys with our invaluable team members. The certification validates that within our workspace, employees not only find satisfaction but also trust in their employer.
  • Commitment to Excellence: This certification not only celebrates our past achievements but serves as a guiding light, propelling us toward future excellence. We remain dedicated to enhancing our workplace culture, elevating employee experiences, and maintaining the high standards that define a Great Place To Work™.

Double Win at Global FinTech Innovation Awards and Welcoming Monzo as a New Client:

  • Double Win at Global FinTech Innovation Awards: In collaboration with Monzo Bank, MORS Software secured a double win at the prestigious IBSi Global FinTech Innovation Awards 2023. Recognized for excellence in delivery and collaboration, we achieved victory in the categories of Best Treasury Implementation and Treasury at the NeoChallenger Bank Awards 2023.
  • Exceptional Collaboration: The joint success with Monzo showcased outstanding achievements, including the delivery of a new Treasury Management System within four months. The project exemplified MORS core principles, a commitment to excellence in customer service, and project innovation.

WWF Green Office Certification:

  • Environmental Sustainability Milestone: MORS Software successfully underwent the formal inspection for the WWF Finland Green Office certification. This achievement underscores our commitment to environmental sustainability and our broader mission to create a positive impact beyond the financial sector.

MORS 7.0 Release:

  • Technologically Advanced: Inspired by a move to .NET 7.0, MORS Software proudly launched MORS 7.0. This version is technically superior, functionally enhanced, and visually appealing, reflecting our commitment to keeping your solution at the forefront of technology.
  • MORS Browser: Responding to changing work habits, MORS is now available in your browser! Initially limited to reporting functionality, MORS Browser provides critical information anytime, anywhere.

Regulatory Reporting Integration:

  • Fully Integrated Solution: This Year, MORS officially launched Regulatory Reporting for Banks as a comprehensive solution alongside ALM, Financial Risk Management, and Treasury Management. Not only did we launch, but we’ve successfully delivered it to our early adopters.
  • Deal to Disclosure Solution: With a single view of contract level data at its core, MORS provides a comprehensive suite of tools, meeting both regulatory and internal reporting needs. It’s a ‘deal to disclosure’ solution for all types of banks, large and small.

As we close this chapter and look toward the future, we extend our deepest gratitude to all of our customers and every member of the MORS Team for their dedication and enthusiasm. All of your contributions have been instrumental in making 2023 an exceptional year for MORS.

Here’s to a year of innovation, collaboration, and continuous success! A seasonal ‘cheers’ to the whole MORS family!