MORS 6.6: A whole new Generation of MORS 

MORS is proud to announce its latest major release, MORS 6.6. Combined with the groundwork already done in 2021 and 2022, MORS 6.6 brings a whole new generation of MORS, multi-device browser-based analysis, and results presentation. We appreciate that many of you are consumers of information rather than creators. We understand more than ever the need to access vital information anywhere and on any device. In MORS 6.6, we will deliver the most powerful reporting value yet to your browser. From desk to Board Room, MORS 6.6 will give the ultimate platform for decision-making, online and in real-time. Watch the teaser video below. 

MORS is now genuinely a ‘deal to disclosure’ solution

MORS 6.6 now includes integrated Regulatory Reporting for COREP, FINREP, and AnaCredit. Powered by FactsConverter a lightweight reporting solution, or a complete reporting solution suite, XBRL Factory, both approaches are powered by Aguilonius, the leading European Regulatory Reporting solution provider.

Contract level data is stored in MORS and the MORS Application Server environment. The allocation of that data, including calculations, is then correctly validated and placed in the required regulatory returns in an automated fashion.

The 6.6 version contains several new and improved functionalities for the desktop interface and generic usability. Some examples of the improvements are:

  • Generic visual improvements have been made, including a new visual theme, window help, and screenshot buttons. 
  • Deal Blotter has now enhanced filtering, grouping, and searching, as well as support for storing parameters and improved support for deal updates and versions. 
  • Single Deal calculated properties report enables now to show the calculation results for historical days. Also, calculated properties history recalculation now supports cash flow-based figures. Several other single deal reports can now be opened directly from deal windows for improved usability.
  • Overnight interest reference rate support for specific deal types has been enhanced with an additional “shift” method and selectable compounding. Support for generating an Asset Swap from a bond trade has been added, with additional asset leg calculation support on interest rate swaps.
  • Logging in MORS has several improvements, including better usability to easily show Audit Log for single data items and a more user-friendly display of values. Alert Log has improved support for filtering, grouping, and searching. New Deal Event Log and Instrument Version log datasets & pivots have been added.