MORS 6.5 Major Improvement in Reporting Capabilities and Technical Architecture Paves the Way for the Next Generation of MORS

MORS is very excited to announce its latest major release, MORS 6.5. With increasing market pressure and a greater demand for agile real-time reporting, MORS 6.5 delivers ALMM reporting based on a new reporting framework and paves the way for multi-device browser-based analysis and results presentation.

With increasing popularity for Software as a Service (SaaS), and MORS’ Managed Services, MORS 6.5 has been technically re-architected for greater efficiency in SaaS deployment, significantly reducing time to ‘go-live’ for new functionality and new customers alike.

Deal Reports – A New Paradigm in MORS Reporting

A significant new feature of MORS 6.5 is Deal Reports. These reports have been designed to fulfil both regulatory and internal reporting needs. As a first use case, new Additional Liquidity Monitoring Metrics (ALMM) templates for regulatory risk reporting, based on the Deal Reports have been included in MORS 6.5. The new ALMM templates will make it much easier and faster than before to calculate and fulfil all the ALMM reporting templates.

The new Deal Reports are an excellent tool for internal Treasury Position reporting. The reports make it easy to combine calculated data, classifications (e.g., ratings) and static data. In subsequent releases of MORS there will be many more reports and reporting templates available off the shelf, based on the new Deal Reports framework.

A New Platform for Optimising Your Use of MORS, MORS Codex

It is vital that our customers get the maximum value from MORS, so in line with the release of 6.5, MORS launches MORS Codex. In combination with the in-depth online help functionality, MORS Codex will provide a wealth of hints, tips, step by step guides, and many many ideas for getting the most out of your MORS application.

With videos, tutorials, and articles, all provided as bite-sized and easy to consume materials, MORS Codex will help guide you to getting the most value from your daily use of the application.

Get Ready for MORS 6.6

Combined with the groundwork already done to deliver MORS 6.5, in December 2022, MORS 6.6 will bring a whole new generation of MORS. We appreciate that many of our customers are consumers of information rather than creators. We understand more than ever the need to access vital information anywhere and on any device. In MORS 6.6, we will deliver the most powerful reporting value yet to your browser. Combined with MORS Decision Maker, this will give you all the power of MORS wherever you need it. From desk to Board Room, MORS 6.6 will give you the ultimate platform for decision making, online and in real-time.

New versions of MORS are included in the license for MORS customers. MORS customers can request a web demo, an upgrade, or the full Release Notes by emailing