Meet the MORS team!

Diversity is our Identity

Nigel Lee


When not in CEO mode, I’m first and foremost a husband and a father, spending time getting up to all sorts of mischief with my wonderful family. On top of that, I’m a musician, music lover and avid movie watcher. I also love the outdoors, from hiking to simply working in the garden.

Petri Makkonen


I’m often described as the “father of MORS”, being the only author for the first 10 years (from 1996). On my spare time, I enjoy different physical exercises in the form of “Jedi training”, as well as being outdoors and exploring our planet with my family, including our dog. During the summer we go motorboating and renovate our cottage in the Finnish archipelago. I’m also enthusiastic about the new technology and advancements in science and read both fiction and non-fiction, unraveling the mysteries of the universe :).

Sofia Maunula

Marketing Manager

When I’m not running marketing operations here at MORS, I’m a dog mom for my rescue dog Pepi. I also practice dance and yoga, and various winter activities. My secret superpower is that I’m from Lapland. I own a midcentury modern house, which I’m obsessed with renovating and décor.

Mikael Ekholm

Financial Software Developer

While I love software development, outside of work my passions lie in weightlifting, tennis and playing the drums and music in general. When not at home in Helsinki, you can usually find me at my cottage in the archipelago.

Luukas Tuori

Financial Systems Analyst

When I’m not working or pursuing my studies you can find me trying out new hobbies or enjoying a delicious dinner. I am really into outdoor sports and during the summer I love to spend my days by the beach or doing different water sports. In the winter my greatest passions are skiing and snowboarding. Nowadays I have really been into padel and bouldering. Besides different sports I enjoy cooking new recipes and watching movies. One day I would love to travel through New Zealand with a pair of skis and a surfboard.   

Santeri Korhonen

Technical Consultant

My greatest passion lies in history and fantasy. If I am not playing tabletop roleplaying games with my friends I might be visiting a samurai castle in Japan. Always up for spending the day discussing about obscure historical facts.

Leo Tavaila

Software Developer

Though I really do enjoy my work, I don’t really define myself through it. Outside of the office I’m a weightlifter and golfer. I also spend a big chunk of my time playing either video or board games. Before corona me and my wife’s greatest compromise was road tripping through Europe which means traveling for her, golf for me. Nowadays I also study a little Japanese and tinker around with making clothes. In the future I might want to be a smith of some sort. Or something else creative other than developing software.

Niklas Fellman


Outside of work, I really want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. As we live outside of the city, I have nature on the doorstep. This I really appreciate. In Finland we truly have four seasons and outdoor activities follow the seasons. My favourites winter activities include skiing and skating. In the summer I love spending time in the archipelago and all kinds of water sports.

Petri Kemppi

Senior Financial Engineer

I prefer to wander in the forest instead of taking care of my garden.

Jari Ojanen


COO and Partner @ MORS Software; honored to be part of a great team 🦉 and feel privileged to be able to build something meaningful (and big 🚀) Proud father of three wonderful children 🥰 and a part time (hybrid car 🌍, still saving to Tesla) driver 🚌  (kids competing in gymnastics 🤸🏻 ) Trail running 🏃 in the middle of the woods (btw, Finland is mainly forest 🌲) whenever possible (running & hugging trees helps thinking clearly) Love to read 📚 (and nowadays especially listening audiobooks 🎧); #history, #space, #technology, #non-fiction, #howtheworldworks

Iina Mustakallio:


Outside work the best place is at home with family and friends. Since our three kids are already grown-ups and have moved abroad and to other cities, I now focus my Mom-energy on our cocker spaniel, Morgan. He is adorable. I like keeping physically active, I enjoy long walks, and I run and do yoga. I’m also a great fan of films and good series, and I read a lot. I’m an all-eater, my interests range from fact to fiction, and the thicker the book, the better – there’s so much to learn about!