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MORS webinars are available for free, on-demand playback, whether or not you attended the original live program. Catch up on central topics for Treasury, Liquidity and ALM in banks.

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2023 Balance Sheets in transition (IRRBB) – Leveraging ALM to steer the balance sheet through uncertainty

This webinar is provided by MORS Software and our partner IBSM Solutions.

The webinar will cover the challenges faced by financial institutions in managing Balance Sheet Risks, particularly in the context of the legacy of low rates and the pandemic, as well as the evolving higher rate and volatility environment. We will discuss the need to go beyond regulatory compliance and explore the tools and scenarios that can be used to assess potential risks.

Our hosts will share their insights and best practices for managing balance sheet risks in the current environment, and will offer actionable advice on how to prepare for future challenges.

Target Group:

  • Banks ALM and Treasury professionals
  • ALM Managers
  • Banks CFOs
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ALM Training – Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) Basics for Banks

This training is provided by MORS and its partners Bearning and IBSM Solutions.

Price: Free

Place: Online / Zoom

  • ALM – overview of FTP application in a bank
  • Historical approaches of using FTP
  • Management benefits of (not) using FTP
  • FTP system basic features
  • FTP subtypes and adjustments
  • FTP allocation
  • Sophisticated FTP models
  • Case Study: FTP in practice in MORS ALM system
  • Interactive online quizzes & surveys
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ALM Workshop – Liquidity and Resolution

This training is provided by MORS Software partner Bearning.

  • Price: Free
  • Place: Online / Zoom


  • ALM – overview of liquidity regulation and its importance
  • Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR)
  • Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR)
  • Use case – MORS software: Managing bank’s liquidity, LCR, NSFR, scenarios
  • Resolution mechanism and impact on banks’ liquidity
    EU: Minimum Requirement for own funds and Eligible Liabilities (MREL)
  • Use case – MORS software: simulation of MREL bonds issue and its consequences
  • Interactive online quizzes & surveys

Target Group:

  • Banks ALM and Treasury professionals
  • Banks CFOs and ALM Managers
  • Other bank experts with relation to bank’s Assets & Liabilities Management
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Training: ALM & Balance Sheet Optimization

This training is provided by MORS Software partner Bearning.

  • Difficulty: Basic
  • Price: Free
  • Place: Online


  • Introduction to ALM – ALM responsibilities in a bank
  • ALM Principles
  • Balance sheet optimization
    • Use case: How to optimize bank’s balance sheet with MORS
  • Banks’ ALM – Surviving Crisis
    • Use case: Managing bank’s liquidity, NII and EVE with MORS on current market environment
  • Examples and case studies from practice – MORS Software

Target group:

  • Banks ALM and Treasury professionals
  • ALM Managers
  • Banks CFOs
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A cost effective and low risk approach to integrated ALM, Risk Management and Regulatory Reporting

MORS, a market leader in the provision of Treasury Management Systems and ALM Solutions together with Aguilonius, a market leader in the provision of Regulatory Reporting solutions, come together to discuss the value of an integrated approach to Regulatory Reporting and ALM.

Hear at first-hand, the value of this combined solution and watch a demo of our proven integrated approach. Solutions of this nature are typically very expensive and take a long time to implement. MORS and Aguilonius combined have created a significantly lower cost alternative with a much lower implementation project risk.

We look forward to welcoming you to the webinar, click the link below to register now!

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Kick-off for year 2022: What’s new in MORS 6.4 and what’s new for MORS

This webinar is for MORS users and it covers highlights of the new functionalities. We will also update our clients on other key initiatives at MORS and brief on the product roadmap for 2022.

Financial Planning in Uncertain Times

Boom or bust? Inflation or deflation? Expansion or contraction? Negative interest rates, Climate Risk, Global Pandemic, increased and changing regulation, and who knows what else is to come? In times when planning the future balance sheet of the bank might be especially hard, it makes sense to have an agile and transparent Asset Liability Management (ALM) System that can be used for Financial and Balance Sheet Planning. Please join Ville Holma and Niklas Fellman from MORS Software for this webinar, where Ville and Niklas will demonstrate how MORS ALM can generate financial and balance sheet projections based on different sets of assumptions.

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ESG – Climate Risk management in banks

Climate Risk management in banks is a formidable challenge, supervisory timelines and expectations are stringent. Some industry experts even believe this is the single biggest challenge since Basel III was introduced. This webinar will cover how Climate Risk can drive credit, liquidity, and market risk – and how these multi-dimensional effects can be managed in MORS.

Please join this very topical Webinar, which will be hosted by:

Peter Serlachius, Partner – MORS Software 

Ville Holma, Senior Product Manager – MORS Software 

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Intraday Liquidity

This webinar will be led by Intraday Practitioner, Simon Gray, from Baringa Partners and Liquidity technology expert, Peter Serlachius, from MORS Software.

Banks and their regulators are requiring risks to be managed near real time; this includes the management and monitoring of liquidity flows and appropriate action in near real-time.  A bank’s intraday position is its first line of defence in its overall liquidity risk management (LRM). Integrating intraday seamlessly, as part of this wider LRM framework, can be a challenge; intraday is often treated as a “silo” on its own, away from wider LRM.  However data, activities, modelling, scenarios and planning need to be incorporated into the full framework to comprehensively manage risk, control liquidity and support liquidity needs in BAU and any stress periods or events.

This webinar will explore industry LRM best practices, demonstrating how intraday can be integrated to form a holistic view. What drives intraday risk? How should intraday risk support the overall LRM?  Learn how visualisation tools can support the process to analyse, explain and understand risk in a wider context and support the scenario build, simulation and planning activities including mitigating actions.

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ALM Survey 2021 Results – Key Highlights

The webinar will present the key highlights from the ALM Survey Report 2021, published on 29th April. Peter Serlachius, Partner of MORS Software, and Nigel Lee, Commercial Director of MORS Software, will present invaluable insight into the effects of 2020 on the Banking Sector. 

For 10 years MORS Software has published surveys and associated reports looking into the trends and challenges in Liquidity Risk Management and Interest Rate Risk Management. Given the exceptional circumstances of 2020 we took the opportunity of launching a new report that looks holistically at trends and challenges across the broader landscape of ALM, Balance Sheet Management, Financial Planning and integrated Stress Testing.

MORS Software launched this survey during spring 2021 as a means of gaining an understanding of financial institutions globally, at a time when Treasury, Risk and Finance functions alike had been experiencing exceptional challenges.

Join this webinar to understand how banks responded to the consequences of the global pandemic and the pressure it placed on their systems and decision-making processes.

“In more than 70% of banks, the Senior Management and the Board of Directors lack the tools to support them in the limit-setting process and in understanding the consequences of their actions in the broadest context.”

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