MORS implementation approach

Treasury ALM system implementations can be challenging. With many years of experience, a great track record* and a modern system architecture, we are confident we have the skills, abilities, and resources to implement MORS, on time and below budget.

Some of the cornerstones of our implementation approach include:

  • Working in an agile and iterative way. For sure we invest in designing a well scoped project plan and follow it. But in most Treasury ALM projects, it is unlikely all key aspects are known from the get-go. Hence an agile and iterative approach has proven effective and successful.
  • Phasing the delivery project and prioritising the deliverables. By having clear milestones and deliverables by project phase, we ensure the project keeps moving ahead and we avoid trying to achieve everything at once, which can also burden your Treasury ALM unnecessarily. Prioritising the deliverables also ensures we can go live with the features most important for you, as early as possible.
  • Investing heavily in data management and integration with source systems. “Its all about the data” and the old “garbage in, garbage out” certainly apply to Treasury ALM systems. For this reason, we invest heavily and cut no corners in designing key interfaces, such as the one(s) between MORS and your core banking solution(s).
  • and last, but not least, our standard contractual terms state that billing for the license only commences once we have delivered our part of the project. With this, you can rest assured that we have the same goal as you, of achieving successful go live as soon as possible.

*More than 85% of our projects have been delivered on time and below budget.    

Testing MORS before you commit

Before you make a commitment and sign on the dotted line, we offer you to try out MORS. You can test drive MORS using our Demo Banks balance sheet. We can also deliver a Proof of Concept (PoC) using your data or even a Proof of Delivery (PoD). Please read about these trialling options below.

Test Drive

In a test drive, you will have access to MORS and our Demo Banks balance sheet. The test drive can be setup for you within 48 hours. This is a zero-footprint test of MORS, i.e. you will not have to install or configure anything. The Test Drive is Cloud based and free of charge.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

In a PoC we will import a subset or sample of your balance sheet into MORS. This can be e.g. a part of your loan book, some Treasury transactions or other key agreements that you want to use when trying out MORS. We will configure the system so that you are able to run key calculations. This can be for example Liquidity or Interest Rate Risk metrics. We typically reserve about 2 weeks for setting up the PoC from the point of the time when we have received the sample data, and then you will have 2 – 4 weeks to test MORS with the sample data. The PoC will be implemented as a Cloud based install. The PoC is free of charge.

Proof of Delivery (PoD)

In a PoD we will build an interface to your source system (typically core banking system or data warehouse). This enables us to import a larger set of data from your balance sheet than in a PoC and enables you to test drive MORS with a comprehensive part of your balance sheet. In case the PoD is successful, the threshold to move ahead with a full implementation and go live will be significantly lower, as already a significant part of the implementation has been done. In terms of calendar time, a PoD usually has a duration of 2 – 3 months. As we will invest considerable amounts of time in the PoD, a charge will be agreed. The cost can however be deducted from the implementation project.

Interested in trying out MORS? Please contact us for more information.