Happy 15th Birthday MORS Software!

Some words from MORS Software’s Co-founder and CEO, Mika Mustakallio

Iina Mustakallio/ MORS Software
Mika Mustakallio/ MORS Software
Maarit Bystedt / Nasdaq Helsinki
Iina Mustakallio / MORS Software.
Mika Mustakallio / MORS Software.
Maarit Bystedt / Nasdaq Helsinki

MORS Software LLC was founded on 16th February 2006 in Helsinki, Finland. Five years ago, we had great fun celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary.  It seems like only yesterday that we enjoyed a wonderful party with all our customers, partners and colleagues, all of whom we had been working with for many years.

Today, 5 years on, the world is a very different place. We’ve had to switch our working practices to fully remote working, we’ve had to cancel or postpone many live events. It’s not only physically impossible to have a party now, but it doesn’t feel right either as many in the world are gripped by difficulty or sorrow.

Our 15th anniversary is for MORS Software in becoming an independent company, MORS Software LLC. As far back as 1996 our software had its inception, born within an IT development project in Handelsbanken.

To ensure wider financial support for development, and most of all for the maintenance of the system, Handelsbanken saw great benefit in allowing the project to mature gradually into an independent business. Petri Makkonen was an IT consultant in Handelsbanken at the time. It was Petri who created and owned the system, and I was responsible for the project within which the system was built. For those first 10 years Petri and I worked together to build a company around the system. We realised that ambition, in its current form, on 16th February 2006.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Handelsbanken for our collaborative beginnings, and for remaining a highly appreciated and valuable customer. Thank you to all our customers around the world. Every moment since 2006 until today, it has been an immense pleasure and honour to work with you all.

We are hopeful that the circumstances into which we have all been thrown will change rapidly as this year progresses. We really can’t wait to see you all again. When the moment is right, we’ll organise a fantastic 15th Anniversary Party. We’ll enjoy fine food and drink, superb entertainment, but most of all, we’ll reminisce, share stories, and catch-up with our wonderful friends and colleagues from all over the world. We are so looking forward to it and hope you are too.

Mika Mustakallio, Co-founder and CEO, MORS Software.