Are you looking for Regulatory peace of mind?

Introducing the MORS Regulatory Reporting module, your solution to tick multiple regulatory boxes. Regulatory reporting is the backbone of banking compliance, ensuring banks operate in accordance with regulations, laws, and standards.

Failure to meet regulatory reporting requirements can lead to penalties, reputational damage, and other serious consequences.

That’s where MORS Software comes in.

We offer a fully integrated Regulatory Reporting solution, along with Asset and Liability Management, Financial Risk Management, and Treasury Management.

MORS provides one of the most sophisticated solutions for Treasury Management, ALM, Financial Risk, and Regulatory Reporting.

With a single view of contract-level data, our solution includes advanced scenario analysis and stress testing, meeting both regulatory and internal reporting needs.

MORS is a ‘deal to disclosure’ solution designed for all types of banks, from large institutions to smaller ones.

It’s available as an on-premise solution, in your bank’s cloud, or as a full SaaS solution, offering flexibility to meet your specific needs.

We handle regulatory metrics, including Credit Risk, Capital Adequacy, Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB), and more.

Our Regulatory Reporting module, powered by FactsConverter and XBRL Factory, ensures accurate supervisory data in the right reporting format, validated against business rules.

It simplifies the complex process of producing regulatory reports and dealing with multiple vendors.

Choose MORS for reduced costs, modern technology, and up-to-date reports.Experience the freedom to focus on more important work, free from regulatory reporting stress.

It all adds up to one thing—Regulatory peace of mind!