ALM Survey Report 2021

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The Brand-New MORS Software Global Survey on ALM

MORS Software launched this survey during spring 2021 as a means of gaining an understanding of financial institutions globally, at a time when Treasury, Risk and Finance functions alike had been experiencing exceptional challenges.
In reading the report you will gain an understanding of how banks responded to the consequences of the global pandemic and the pressure it placed on their systems and decision-making processes.
The MORS Software 2021 ALM Report highlights key actions taken by financial institutions to address the changing market conditions of 2020 and pinpoints where those actions may have been restricted by inadequate tooling.


‘‘58% of banks stated that they could not flexibly change assumptions, drivers, and sensitivities, to facilitate further analysis once an initial analysis had been completed.’’


‘‘67% of banks lack the capability to flexibly measure and manage the interaction between their Income Statement and Balance Sheet.’’

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