Continued improvement in intra-day liquidity risk management - Driven by regulatory requirements. 


Find more about, and benchmark your bank in the following areas:

  • Compliance with LCR Calculation timeliness rules

  • NSFR calculation readiness

  • Measuring the interaction of different risk categories

  • Forecasting of liquidity risk metrics

  • Top drivers for managing and monitoring Liquidity Risk in Intra-day


Liquidity Risk Management Survey 2017 with Ipad


Request your copy of the survey report to find how the development of liquidity risk management in intra-day progresses in banks.

7th Annual Survey following the progress and trends of liquidity risk management

89 banking professionals from 33 countries participated




MORS Software

Liquidity Risk Management

MORS Solutions

MORS Software is a leading provider of intelligent real-time treasury and risk management solution for banks MORS Liquidity Manager enables Treasury, Liquidity and Risk Managers to manage, monitor and analyse liquidity risk in real-time, and to stress-test any external and internal liquidity risk metrics.  MORS solutions aggregates transactions from existing core and trading solutions, offering a full and transparent picture of the current and future liquidity position for the entire bank